(JDH Newswire)  A world class testing organization, which has previously participated in the testing of nuclear power plant instrumentation and control systems, recently tested the golfing performance of the Big Bertha. This testing was arranged because of the apparent outrageous performance claims of the Big Bertha. It should be noted that some of the performance claims are consistent with informal observations.

The golf amateur who conducted these tests indeed found that the Big Bertha made the golf ball fly higher, farther, and straighter than he has been ever able achieve before.

The models of Big Bertha tested are pictured below with their certificate of authenticity.

photo of Big Bertha's.          Big Bertha certificate of authenticity.

Other models like the Big Bertha were tested and are pictured below.  The Keystone Giant appears promising but the others are found wanting.

Big Bertha wannabe's.

Other unknown object(s) were included with the sample Big Bertha's. It is pictured below.  It cannot be determined if it (or they) is (are) golf related or not. If you have any guesses, please inform this testee.

Anyone's guess.